Become a ROUNDMAP™ Practitioner

The ROUNDMAP™ Practitioner Membership provides instant access to the online ROUNDMAP™ Practitioner Program and includes membership to the ROUNDMAP™ Member Club.

Upon the successfull completion of this program you’ll receive a formal certificate. Together with your ongoing ROUNDMAP™ Practitioner Membership, this certificate entitles you to deploy the ROUNDMAP™ in your own business practice, without any additional fees.

Besides the course you’ll have access to our online repository of assessments, reports, cases and studies, that will help you to quickly identify and harness the dynamics that occur in any given client situation.

The focus is on getting you up-and-running as soon as possible. We’re here to help you succeed!

We do feel we need to emphasize that all provided information is protected under copyright and other protective laws. Additionally, all provided information has been registered at

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