Practitioner Principles

Our goal is to make ROUNDMAP™ the go-to framework for Collaborative Innovation, Meaningful Engagement, Conditional Leadership, and Integral Change and work tirelessly toward increasing the value of the Framework while carefully protecting its name and fame.

Conditions for deploying the ROUNDMAP™ Framework and Methodology, i.e., the entirety of the copyrighted work, after this referred to as ‘ROUNDMAP’:

  1. Non-Commercial Use of the ROUNDMAP is permitted.
    • Non-Commercial Use means any use or activity where a fee is not charged, and the purpose is not the sale of a good or service, and the Use or activity is not intended to produce a profit.
  2. All Commercial Use of ROUNDMAP is strictly prohibited ─ except for licensed ROUNDMAP™ Professionals (Practitioners, Masters, and Grandmasters).
    • Commercial Use means distribution or otherwise making ROUNDMAP available to a third party.
  3. To become a licensed ROUNDMAP Professional, prospective users have to:
    • Apply for an official ROUNDMAP Certification Program provided exclusively by the ROUNDMAP Academy.
    • Obtain a ROUNDMAP Certificate as a testimony of mastering the ROUNDMAP Body of Knowledge.
    • Attend the quarterly InnerCircle Sessions.
    • Honor the ROUNDMAP Principles.
    • Join the ROUNDMAP Certified Professionals Association (RCPA) to obtain access to practical, educational, and promotional materials.
  4. All Certificates are registered to a person and can not be transferred or traded.
  5. Proposals that include (parts of) ROUNDMAP will need to be assessed and approved by the ROUNDMAP Compliance Committee before being submitted to a prospective client.
  6. Submitting non-approved proposals that include (parts of) ROUNDMAP will be considered a breach of good faith.
  7. Purchase Agreements that include (parts of) ROUNDMAP can only be performed by licensed ROUNDMAP Professionals.
  8. To further develop and promote ROUNDMAP and its global network of licensed professionals, we will demand a percentage of the revenue that is being generated out of deploying the ROUNDMAP Body of Knowledge:
    • If the project involves one or more licensed Practitioners, we will demand a 12% revenue share* per project.
    • If the project involves one or more licensed Masters, we will demand a 10% revenue share* per project.
    • If the project involves one or more licensed Grandmasters, we will demand an 8% revenue share* per project.
  9. To allow the establishment of hubs of licensed and certified Practitioners, we may reward recommendations to join our network.
  10. Those that don’t comply with the above (2-3) will receive a fair warning and risk having their license revoked.

(*) On a project of 50.000 USD, a 12% revenue share amounts to 6.000 USD, a 10% revenue share amounts to 5.000 USD, and an 8% revenue share amounts to 4.000 USD.