Achieving Customer Excellence

When I asked a client what they aimed to achieve by applying ROUNDMAP™, they answered: "We would like to increase customer performance". When I asked how they planned to accomplish that goal, they looked at me for the answer.

ROUNDMAP™ may be perceived as a smart system, however, it is not an oracle - your firm still needs to have an actionable plan.


Therefore, you'll need to be able to answer these questions:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
    • What is your vision statement?
    • What is your mission statement?
    • What is your values statement?
  • What is your business strategy?
    • What is your business model?
    • What is your (perceived) value position?
    • What are your strengths (advantages) and weaknesses (challenges)?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
    • What is your product?
    • What is your market?
    • What is your product/brand positioning?
  • What are the desired outcomes?
    • What are your goals?
    • What are your objectives?
    • What are your KPIs?

Outcome Trajectories

Our mission is to help you achieve your Desired Outcome (green line) whenever the Projected Outcome leaves you short. However, as shown by international research, it is feasible to grow your outcome(s) beyond your expectations - this is what we call the Obtainable Outcome (see figure below):



Now let's have a look at some of the common causes of what's keeping firm's like yours from achieving (or exceeding) the Desired Outcome:

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