Wheel of Fortitude

The Wheel of Fortitude – Stay clear from triviality!

If you ever had the chance to look at the ROUNDMAP Customer 360 Canvas, you might have noticed two words: Relevance and Significance. These two words are critical to creating (= relevance) and keeping (= significance) customers. In the simplest of words: if the value you have to offer is relevant (now), a customer may want to purchase from you; however, to get a customer to repurchase, you’ll have to make sure your portfolio is significant (future).

This simple yet potent concept can be captured into one image: The Wheel of Fortitude.


Whether you are reviewing your company’s competitive position or like to review your personal value in the marketplace, the place to stay clear off is the Trivial Zone. As long as our company is capable of creating relevant value, we’re in the Comfort Zone. However, value is forever fleeing. Products will start to lose their benefits. Value propositions will be challenged. Knowledge will need to be updated. The experience will become obsolete. New skills will need to be learned. Hence, if we don’t grow, we’ll start to lose our value and fall victim to the Fear of Futility.

On the other hand, we can increase our future value, in the Pursuit of Significance, by learning new skills, increase the value of our products ─ by ourselves or in co-creation with others ─ find new markets, or marketplaces, or develop new products, and thereby, enter the Growth Zone.

However, nothing stays the same (except maybe ‘nothing’), and change is constant (Heraclitus). When we can’t grow any longer because our core competencies (or competitive advantages, if you will) are no longer relevant, we need to rethink our future. We need to a Reconsideration of Purpose. Welcome to the transformational BreakOut Zone.


You may have noticed our logo of CROSS SILO. Another way of perceiving our logo is by superimposing our trademark symbol onto the Wheel of Fortitude:

ROUNDMAP_The_Wheel_of_Fortitude_CS_Copyright_Protected_2020As you can see, our symbol aligns perfectly with the Wheel of Fortitude. Our symbol refers to the three corporate dynamics, the Business Dynamics (Value zone), the Customer Dynamics (Growth Zone), and the Market Dynamics (Breakout Zone). To attract customers, you’ll need to create value. To grow, you’ll need customers to deliver that value. And to capture value, you’ll need to be able to compete successfully in the marketplace.

However, if the market no longer finds your products attractive, you’ll have to lean into the market to figure out what other problems can be solved (and what that implies regarding your capabilities and resources) or how to change your business to regain a competitive edge.

One final remark: if the frontline functions don’t cooperate, each of the lines (of our superimposed symbol) passes through the Trivial Zone. Ergo, silos have the potential to lead to your company’s premature demise.

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Edwin Korver

Edwin Korver

Architect of ROUNDMAP™ - Advancing Grandmastership of Business™ ✪ Business Model Matrix™ ✪ Polymath ✪ Generalist ✪ Systems Thinker ✪ Board Member, CEO CROSS-SILO BV

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