RoundMap® Brand: Unlocking Collective Potential for Sustainable Success

Embark on a captivating journey as we delve into the purpose, vision, mission, and values driving RoundMap®—an innovative framework that challenges traditional business paradigms. RoundMap® empowers organizations to shift from linear thinking to holistic, whole-system transformation. 

We are driven by a deep commitment to guiding organizations through transformative journeys that embrace whole-system thinking, cyclical operations, and leading from the shared vision of all stakeholders. Uncover the brand’s core belief in the boundless power of human potential, while witnessing the transformative impact of their collective approach to driving innovation. 

Join us on this transformative quest toward sustainable success, experiencing the RoundMap® difference firsthand.

Brand Purpose

Brand: RoundMap®

Why do we do what we do?
We are committed to guiding organizations through transformative journeys that embrace whole-system thinking, cyclical operations, and leading from the shared vision of all stakeholders.

Who/what are we making a commitment to?
We are making a commitment to organizations seeking to adapt, innovate, and flourish in a complex business landscape by embracing a more holistic, sustainable, and purpose-driven approach.

What will we offer/deliver/provide?
We will provide a comprehensive framework, tools, and guidance to help organizations shift from linear, siloed, and short-term focused approaches to integrated, collaborative, and continuous learning models that create shared value for all stakeholders.

How will we deliver?
Through workshops, training programs, and consulting services that facilitate organizational transformation based on the key elements of the RoundMap® framework, including systems thinking, cyclical operations, breaking down silos, stakeholder engagement, purpose integration, and more.

Brand Vision

RoundMap® envisions a future where businesses thrive sustainably by embracing whole-system thinking, leading from the shared vision of all stakeholders, and operating cyclically to increase positive impact. Our brand aspires to transform organizations by guiding them through a journey of breaking down silos, integrating diverse perspectives, fostering collaboration, and continuously improving and innovating. The big picture vision is to revolutionize how businesses operate and succeed by providing a framework that propels them towards an interconnected, adaptive, and purpose-driven future.

Brand Mission

RoundMap® exists to guide organizations through transformative journeys that embrace cyclical thinking, systems perspectives, and purposeful narratives. We provide a comprehensive framework that helps businesses shift from siloed structures to interconnected systems, from linear operations to continuous feedback loops, and from hierarchical directives to inspiring narratives. This empowers organizations to unlock innovation, foster collaboration, align diverse efforts, and elevate performance. Our unique approach sets us apart by challenging existing paradigms and providing an adaptive roadmap for sustainable growth and positive impact.

The RoundMap® framework propels businesses forward by leading from the whole.

Brand Values

RoundMap® Core Values:
  • Systems Thinking: We take a holistic, interconnected view of business.
  • Continuous Learning: We embrace constant growth through feedback and iteration.
  • Collaborative Empowerment: We break down silos and empower teams through autonomy and participation.
  • Purpose and Impact: We integrate meaning through planning for positive influence on all stakeholders.
  • Adaptability: We navigate change and uncertainty through value-driven decisions.
  • Storytelling: We inspire action and align efforts through compelling narratives.
  • Sustainability: We balance profitability with responsibility towards people and the planet.
  • Innovation: We constantly elevate performance through creative solutions and improvement.
  • Trust and Transparency: We build enduring relationships through open and sincere communication.
  • Collective Success:  We leverage synergies across all elements of our organization to thrive together.

Brand Differentiation

RoundMap® offers a holistic framework that guides organizations through a transformative journey towards increased impact and sustainable success. Unlike traditional consulting firms focused solely on short-term results, RoundMap® emphasizes whole-system thinking, cyclical operations, and leading from the shared vision of all stakeholders. Our main differentiation is the transformational mindset shift we inspire, moving organizations from linear operations to an integrated, adaptive approach that harnesses collective intelligence. This empowers businesses to continuously evolve and thrive in today’s complex world.

Brand Personality

Adjectives that describe the brand personality:

  • Innovative
  • Insightful
  • Strategic
  • Transformational
  • Collaborative
  • Holistic
  • Adaptive
  • Purpose-driven
  • Sustainable
  • Inspirational

The brand archetype that aligns most closely with the brand values and characteristics is:

The Sage – With a focus on wisdom, knowledge, expertise, learning, mentorship, and insight, the Sage archetype resonates strongly with the brand’s emphasis on guiding businesses through transformative journeys. It challenges the status quo and adopts a more integrated, sustainable, and purpose-driven approach. The brand acts as a mentor and trusted advisor, sharing its expertise and insights to help organizations continuously learn, evolve, and thrive.

Some other archetypes that also align well:

– The Creator – reflecting the brand’s encouragement of innovation, creativity, and self-expression
– The Hero – embodying the brand’s courage and determination to challenge norms and foster change
– The Magician – representing the brand’s ability to spark transformation and a sense of wonder

However, the Sage archetype encapsulates the essence of the brand’s wisdom-driven ethos and its role as a strategic partner guiding organizations toward a more holistic and enlightened future.

Brand Story

The Journey of RoundMap®: From Linear Thinking to Whole-System Transformation

RoundMap® began as a spark of inspiration to challenge the status quo and shift businesses away from rigid, linear thinking towards a more holistic and integrated approach. As traditional business paradigms were being questioned, the founders of RoundMap® saw an opportunity to guide organizations through a transformative process to unlock their full potential.

In the early days, RoundMap® focused on shifting mindsets from linear operations to cyclical thinking. This formed the genesis of the name RoundMap®, emphasizing circular and continuous evolution rather than a straight path. Over time, as the framework expanded. RoundMap® evolved into a comprehensive solution integrating diverse elements like systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, organizational design, and purposeful storytelling.

At its core, RoundMap® champions whole-system transformation, moving away from siloed departments and transactional relationships towards an interconnected, collaborative, and sustainable approach. It brings together cross-functional teams, empowers individuals, and aligns collective efforts towards a shared vision for the future.

Today, RoundMap® acts as a guiding light for organizations seeking to thrive in an ever-changing world. Through its integrated framework, RoundMap® continues to challenge the status quo and shape the future of business. It represents a bold new frontier, where organizations can leverage collective potential to drive innovation and make a positive impact on the world.

The RoundMap® Difference: Unlocking Collective Potential for Sustainable Success

At its essence, RoundMap® believes in the power of human potential. It recognizes that traditional hierarchical structures limit creativity, innovation, and progress. In contrast, RoundMap® sees organizations as interconnected systems with boundless collective potential.

RoundMap® provides a framework to unlock this potential by breaking down silos, empowering teams, integrating diverse perspectives, and aligning efforts towards a unified vision. It brings people together in new ways, facilitating collaboration and whole-system thinking.

This shift from linear to cyclical operations, from siloed to system-wide thinking, is at the heart of the RoundMap® philosophy. By embracing this holistic approach, RoundMap® enables organizations to evolve, adapt, and elevate performance continuously.

RoundMap® firmly believes that when people are connected by a shared purpose, aligned by common values, and empowered to contribute, they can accomplish incredible things sustainably. This ability to unlock collective potential is what sets RoundMap® apart and allows organizations to thrive in the long run.

The Founder's Commitment toward Equitable Business Transformation

In 2012, Edwin Korver, undergoing cancer treatment, met Bart, a 66-year-old patient and ex-farmer turned CEO, who profoundly impacted him. Learning that Bart had only three weeks to live, Edwin was struck by his acceptance and inspired by the joy Bart expressed when recalling his farming days. This encounter led Edwin to contemplate his passion, realizing that equitability was his driving force. He believes in equal opportunities for all, regardless of background.

During chemotherapy, Edwin experienced the selflessness of blood donors, reinforcing his belief in people’s inherent goodness and the importance of fighting for one another. Committed to fostering a society that values and supports everyone, Edwin uses his platform to advocate for empathy, compassion, and unity, striving to create positive change and a better world.

Edwin Korver - Survivor

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