The Ensemble of Excellence: Introducing Our Consentric Orchestra

We advise our clients to embody their beliefs, and we do the same. We operate as a Consentric Organization Model (COM), which means we don’t have a traditional hierarchy or a singular dominant leader. Instead, this is how we ensure our symphony of strengths:

  • Edwin Korver is the Composer of our organization, setting broad guidelines and directions.
  • The Conductors decompose overarching goals into regional or team-specific objectives.
  • The Coordinators are overseeing, coordinating, and measuring our regional activities.
  • A Constellation of Teams represents our practitioners dedicated to making an impact.

We believe that decisions should be made directly at the point of impact. To ensure this, we employ a decentralized approach to decision-making and governance, where all affected parties are represented and decisions are reached through mutual consent. 

Meet the heart and soul of our organization: our exceptional team!

Europe, France

Henk Koopmans

Corp. Governance
Advisory Committee
50+ years experience

Europe, The Netherlands

Edwin Korver

Master Practitioner
Architect of RoundMap
30+ years experience

United States, California
russell kern

Russell Kern

Liaison United States
40+ years experience

United Stated, Washington

Diego Capelluto

Liaison Latin America
25+ years experience

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