The Customer SONAR™ Dissected

Whenever I show the Customer SONAR™ for the first time a person’s eyes speak volumes. Obviously any all-encompassing model, even those with just a handful of variables, can be daunting at first sight, let alone a model with several dozen. But what makes a person shy away isn’t just the complexity – it is their brain.

Let me explain this first, before we start to dissect the framework into easily consumable chunks. Your brain has a very simple mechanism. It asks itself two questions:

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[dt_list style=”2″ bullet_position=”middle” dividers=”false”][dt_list_item image=””]Does it help me to survive and thrive?[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Is it worth burning the calories?[/dt_list_item][/dt_list]

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Let me give you an example: if you start to read a management book of 300 pages, that has received no prior recommendations and was written by an unknown author, your brain will most likely begin to wander after a few pages. It will not perceive the value it gains from reading the book as sufficient enough to sacrifice its energy. It will shut down, meanwhile keeping its sensors open to scan for new opportunities to thrive.

However, if that same book was highly recommended and written by a well-known author, your brain would be much more likely to burn its calories, because it is now being presented with a perception of future value.

To catch someone’s attention is easy, but in order to keep it you’ll need to understand that their brain is highly efficient and that it will continuously calculate the performance (value) over cost (energy).

Thanks to Donald Miller (StoryBrand) and Chip Heath (Made to Stick) for sharing their insights.

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So perception is everything. And since the perception of value of the Customer SONAR™ is – as far as your brain is concerned – subject to debate, it will start to shut you down minutes after you’ve laid your eyes on it. And because of the complexity of the framework the brain will expect to have too work hard and is therefore even more likely to shut itself down.

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The good news is: I know how I can get your brain to spend its energy!

First of all, I’ve created a list of objective recommendations to help your brain to perceive the value of the framework. Secondly, I’ve dissected the framework into smaller pieces, so your brain does not have to work too hard to comprehend it. And thirdly, I’ve described cases on how the framework has been put to good use.

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One more thing

There is however one more thing that enables you to stop your brain from shutting down: your will. If you want to understand something, your brain will be much less likely to wander. In fact, if you click the button and continue reading, you’re telling your brain: Get me my calories, I want to understand this!

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