Leadership relies on Vision

You can't lead people without having a vision of the future. Where else would you lead them toward? You've got to communicate what it is that you aim to accomplish…

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  • Post published:23/05/2020

10 Ways to Deal with Crises

As a consequence of the worldwide lockdowns, following the life-threatening effects of the corona virus (COVID-19), many revenue streams discontinued almost overnight. Leaders need to ask the question: How should…

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  • Post published:17/04/2020

The Trinity of Design Thinking

The inconvenient truth is that an estimated 93% of Customer Experience (CX) initiatives fail, while in 2016, according to Gartner, 89% of companies expected to compete mostly based on customer…

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  • Post published:09/03/2020

Decoupling of the Value Chain

Professor Thales Teixeira from Harvard Business School took 8 years to write his book 'Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Consumer Disruption'. His observations of dozens of startups,…

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  • Post published:27/01/2020

Customer Carousel™ Blueprint

Customer Carousel™ is one of the outcomes of a 4-year discovery process by Edwin Korver and it turned out to be an amazing panorama, not just to help optimize the…

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  • Post published:25/01/2020

Where to find future growth?

The big question on every executive's mind is: Where to find future growth? Whether the question is an urgent one or driven by a regular strategic planning cycle, without future…

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  • Post published:07/01/2020

Right on the Money

Since the early 1960s, Silicon Valley is known for its many tech-startups. The birth of the Internet in 1995 meant that information, experiences, opinions, and knowledge could now spread beyond…

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  • Post published:31/12/2019

Mind the Growth Gaps

You may have heard the words "Mind the gap" as an audible or visual warning phrase when you entered or left a train, to take caution while crossing the horizontal…

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  • Post published:25/12/2019

Youngest Generations Succumb To Pressure

Employee disengagement is one of the reasons why companies fail to achieve their growth aspirations. However, underneath it, lies a much greater problem: "Half of Millennials, 75% of Gen Zers…

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  • Post published:22/12/2019