The integrated business framework has a new symbol

When we introduced our first symbol on May 11th, 2019, we had just finished mapping the realm of Customer Dynamics. However, as time went by, our scope widened, encapsulating the Organizational Dynamics, Business Dynamics, and Market Dynamics, next to the Customer Dynamics. As a consequence, the old symbol no longer represented the entirety of the framework.

Although the differences are quite obvious, the meaning of the new symbol needs some interpretation.

First of all, as we created the entire system, we described the situation as-is. While we did uncover a series of flaws and offered suggestions to eliminate them, the first symbol represents the current situation – ignoring for a moment that the fourth section is mostly underdeveloped. In fact, by color coding the frontline activities, the symbol itself became a representation of a siloed operation.

In contrast, the new symbol, while still including the four frontline activities, show them interlocking, and joined together by a blue ring. This ring, next to being the Business Model Matrix™, represents the what-if: What if we manage to rally our staff behind a common purpose and get them to work together in unity to create significant value for our customers, in the most sustainable way? 

Our new slogan emphasizes ROUNDMAP’s intent, to Unleash the Power of UnityThe gold color indicates the potential reward of achieving such a splendid unification of purpose. 

Interestingly enough: whenever we describe the wholeness of something, we tend to use our hands and draw an imaginary sphere in front of us. Just try it.

While the old symbol contained a compass needle, meaning to say that you should target the right customers, the new symbol has a steering wheel, indicating that you should steer the entire business venture in the right direction, by focusing on finding the best possible product/market fit.

The compass rose near the blue rim contains a small red triangle on top, representing our true north. I believe business ethics will be a huge differentiator in the years to come.

Furthermore, the 8-spoke steering wheel represents the 8 steps of The Venture Wheel™, leading up to the PACE formula that will help us design, develop, and direct sustaining business growth.

And finally, as if it was meant to be, the word ‘ROUNDMAP’ consists of 8 letters, allowing me to wrap the word neatly around the new symbol.

Love to read your thoughts, if any, on the new symbol.

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Edwin Korver

Edwin Korver

Architect of ROUNDMAP™ - Advancing Grandmastership of Business™ ✪ Business Model Matrix™ ✪ Polymath ✪ Generalist ✪ Systems Thinker ✪ Board Member, CEO CROSS-SILO BV

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