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ROUNDMAP™ Customer 360 consists on two perspectives, one vertical, the Business Model Matrix™, and one lateral, the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™. To perceive the two as part of one framework might be difficult to grasp, so we created an additional illustration to explain their interrelationship.

First, let’s have a look at what we believe is a most insightful illustration:


As you may have read in a previous blog, we have adopted a new symbol of the ROUNDMAP™, in which we included the illustration above as the ultimate representation of the ROUNDMAP™ mapping system and methodology.

The new symbol (to the right) includes a compass, a needle and four pieces of a puzzle.

The four pieces of the puzzle are the four departments or silos that constitute the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™ – marketing, sales, delivery, and success.

In the illustration above the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™ is represented by the color-coded lateral ellipse.

While the business strategy is being executed cross-structure, the customer lifecycle is the Ultimate Level of Truth™ – if the company fails to attract customers and deliver at this level, nothing else matters one bit.

While having a business strategy is a starting point, keeping a strategy relevant requires that feedback from the market (cross-market intelligence) finds its way up to management.

The bottom of the figure represents the four stages of customer creation. Success is measured by the amount, or percentage, of suspects, prospects, and leads that are being transformed into customers. This is represented by the colorful upward-swirling arrow.

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