ROUNDMAP™ Universe

ROUNDMAP™ Universe

ROUNDMAP™ Customer 360 consists on two dimensions, on the one hand a vertical perspective, consisting of the Business Model Matrix™, the Value Position Matrix™, and the Experience Matrix™, and on the other hand a lateral perspective, taken from the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™.

To perceive the two dimensions as part of one framework might be difficult to grasp, so we’ve created an additional illustration to explain the interrelationships.

ROUNDMAP Universe man

In the figure above the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™ is represented by a color-coded horizontal ellipse, indicating the customer’s journey, i.e., crossing four silos, or four phases of a customer’s lifecycle: marketing, sales, delivery, and success. Strategy is executed cross-structure, usually top-down, while customer intelligence is captured cross-market, usually bottom-up.

Business Side

Before a customer can be served, we’ll need a business model explaining how we are going to create, deliver and capture value.

Next, we’ll need to look at how external parties will perceive us. This will determine our (relative) value position.
Now that we know how we are going to create value, and how we are (hopefully) being perceived in terms of value position, we’ll need to focus on the experiences we want our visitors/customers to have, Experience design and the Customer Lifecycle are strongly interwoven.
Market Side
As we execute our strategy of obtaining a piece of the market at a profit, some customers can be converted immediately, others have to be pursuaded over a period of time. We’ll need to track their behavior and learn about their intent, to transform them to satisfied customers. Any feedback from them, registrered in various databases, has to be unified and used to create more personalized experiences and more relevant value.


  • Edwin Korver

    Edwin Korver is a polymath celebrated for his mastery of systems thinking and integral philosophy, particularly in intricate business transformations. His company, CROSS-SILO, embodies his unwavering belief in the interdependence of stakeholders and the pivotal role of value creation in fostering growth, complemented by the power of storytelling to convey that value. Edwin pioneered the RoundMap®, an all-encompassing business framework. He envisions a future where business harmonizes profit with compassion, common sense, and EQuitability, a vision he explores further in his forthcoming book, "Leading from the Whole."

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