Essential Collaboration Principles (VEVA) for Building Future-Fit Organizations

The VEVA model, integral to the RoundMap framework, encapsulates the collaborative essentials for building future-fit organizations. In an era of changing times, business conduct is shifting fundamentally. We are moving from a paradigm of egocentricity, driven by fierce competition and shareholder value, to one of ecocentricity, fueled by cooperation and stakeholder value.

This transformative shift implies moving away from the limiting proportions symbolized by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man to the boundless potential of the human mind, represented by the Vitruvian Woman. She embodies a more inclusive and expansive view of human capability, aligning with the core values of VEVA: Versatility, Equitability, Vitality, and Agility.

By embracing VEVA’s core principles, we highlight the importance of feminine traits in business, such as nurturing and inclusivity, to foster a balanced and holistic approach to organizational development.

Let’s delve deeper into these essential components and their roles within the RoundMap framework:



Versatility emphasizes the organization’s ability to adapt to diverse roles, challenges, and changing environments. This principle fosters flexibility and resilience, enabling the organization to pivot effectively and seize emerging opportunities. Organizations can develop multi-skilled teams and dynamic processes that enhance innovation and problem-solving capabilities by prioritizing versatility. Ultimately, versatility empowers the organization to remain agile and competitive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Instrument: Organizational Versatility Matrix



Equitability ensures that value is distributed fairly and inclusively, fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect. This principle is essential for creating a supportive environment where all stakeholders feel valued and engaged, promoting collaboration and innovation. By prioritizing equitability, organizations can bridge gaps, reduce disparities, and harness diverse perspectives to drive sustainable success. Ultimately, equitability strengthens the organizational fabric, enabling it to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Instrument: Corporate Equitability Matrix



Vitality focuses on the overall health and robustness of the organization, ensuring it remains strong and resilient. This principle is critical for sustaining long-term growth and the capacity to navigate challenges effectively. By prioritizing vitality, organizations can maintain financial stability, operational efficiency, and a thriving workforce. Vitality enables the organization to consistently perform at its best, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future.

Instrument: Business Vitality Matrix



Agility highlights the organization’s capacity to adapt swiftly to changing conditions and market dynamics. This principle is essential for competitiveness and responsiveness in a fast-paced business environment. Organizations can quickly pivot strategies, embrace innovation, and capitalize on emerging opportunities by prioritizing agility. Ultimately, agility ensures that the organization remains dynamic and resilient, capable of thriving amid uncertainty and continuous change.

Instrument: Strategic Agility Matrix


By adopting the VEVA principles, we associate the way forward with essential feminine traits in business, such as nurturing and inclusion. This underscores the profound significance of integrating these crucial components to build a robust, adaptable, and inclusive organization ready to thrive in the future.

Embracing Versatility, Equitability, Vitality, and Agility as foundational pillars, VEVA fosters a balanced and holistic approach, driving sustainable success and innovation. Let’s harness the power of these qualities to create a future-fit organization where every stakeholder flourishes.

Together, these elements form the wheels that drive our vehicle toward a future where businesses are not just fit to compete but are built to last and thrive sustainably. The journey towards this future is navigated through collaboration, inclusivity, and a commitment to shared success, making the RoundMap framework a blueprint for enduring prosperity.

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