ROUNDMAP™ Full Stack

ROUNDMAP™ Full Stack

To understand what elements and aspects the ROUNDMAP™ mapping system actually contains, we’ve created what we call the ROUNDMAP™ Stack:


While the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™, at the bottom of the stack, is all about lateral/horizontal integration, driven by cross-functional collaboration, the other layers of the stack, from the Experience Matrix™ up to the Business Model Matrix™ integrate through vertical alignment.

This theory is based on what we perceive as correlating attributes between aspects of each of the layers, that need to be aligned to optimize the operation.

This has led to a strategy-execution arrangement, known as the ROUNDMAP™ Full Stack:


Case study IBM

Before 1974 IBM had a product-centric business model. Its goal was to grow market share, based on a wide portfolio of IT-related products. Big blue was a household name and marketing was all about the brand experience. From 1976 onwards, while facing increased competition, the firm shifted its business operations by focusing on higher-value, more profitable markets. Its shift began by being perceived as customer intimate, followed by a full shift towards a customer-centric business. In 1994 the firm reported the largest operating loss ever recorded in corporate history: Customer Centricity should never be applied without a companion business model. However, the company recovered miraculously by using its in-depth customer insights to shift once more: to a resource-centric operation, utilizing a vast team of multi-vendor system integrators (acquired from PwC’s consultancy branch). Seeing these people in action was all it takes for customers. Today, IBM is about to make another shift, now that system integrators are no longer in high demand: it is shifting (clockwise) towards a network-centric operation, based on Watson and IBM Cloud.

Cover Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


  • Edwin Korver

    Edwin Korver is a polymath celebrated for his mastery of systems thinking and integral philosophy, particularly in intricate business transformations. His company, CROSS-SILO, embodies his unwavering belief in the interdependence of stakeholders and the pivotal role of value creation in fostering growth, complemented by the power of storytelling to convey that value. Edwin pioneered the RoundMap®, an all-encompassing business framework. He envisions a future where business harmonizes profit with compassion, common sense, and EQuitability, a vision he explores further in his forthcoming book, "Leading from the Whole."

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